a small wedding on the heights of cannes: when love unites two worlds

As a wedding photographer in Cannes, where the blue of the Mediterranean meets the azure sky, a love story unfolded. A couple residing in Dubai, yet bound to France by familial roots, chose this iconic location to celebrate their union. Young and enamored with each other, their special day was meticulously orchestrated to capture the essence of their love and unite their worlds in an intimate and meaningful way.

At dawn, as the sun gilded the green hills, preparations began. In two different locations, the couple got ready, each enveloped in the excitement of the day ahead. In a private villa overlooking Cannes, the bride wanted to be surrounded by her loved ones, while the groom prepared with his closest friends, in camaraderie.

View on a hill with small bushes.

The preparations for this wedding in Cannes

To make this day even more memorable, an expert wedding planner coordinated every detail, ensuring that nothing was left to chance. Thanks to their expertise, the day unfolded without a hitch, allowing the young lovers to fully focus on their happiness. They chose to share their vows exchange in complete intimacy. In the heart of a secret garden, far from prying eyes, they pledged their commitment in a deep and personal way.

A white wedding dress gracefully hanging on a window, captured by a talented photographe mariage Cannes.
A mesmerizing wedding dress gracefully suspended on a hanger near a sunlit window, beautifully captured by a talented photographer in Cannes.
A white wedding dress hangs on a hanger in front of a window, captured beautifully by a talented wedding photographer from Cannes.
A black and white photo of a bride's wedding shoes taken by a professional photographer at a Cannes wedding.
A bride and her bridesmaids are getting ready in a room for their wedding, while being captured by a talented photographer for their enchanting Cannes wedding.
Mariee souriante qui regarde l'objectif du photographe A Cannes. Elle est de trois quart et devant une portr fenetre ouverte
A groom in his attire is beaing photographed by his bestmen with their phones.
A group of men are preparing for a wedding with the help of a photographer in Cannes.
A group of groomsmen hugging in front of a mountain, captured by a talented wedding photographer in Cannes.
A woman in a pink dress is standing in a field, she swirl her long dress.

the garden ceremony

Then came the time for the garden ceremony, uniting their lives before gathered family and friends. The officiant for this sacred union was none other than the groom’s sister, adding a touch of tenderness and familiarity to this solemn moment. After the exchange of rings and the sweet vows spoken, the atmosphere transformed into an explosion of joy and celebration. The cocktail hour commenced, allowing guests to indulge in culinary delights while sharing laughter and memories. A trio of musicians enhanced the cocktail ambiance.

A group of people sitting in chairs pose for a photographer at a wedding in Cannes. The flower girl walking the aisle
 A groom in a blue suit posing elegantly in front of a flower garden, captured by a talented wedding photographer from Cannes.
A bride and her father walking down the aisle at an outdoor wedding, captured beautifully by the photographer in Cannes.
An outdoor wedding ceremony in a private garden
A bride and groom sharing a romantic kiss in front of a majestic mountain,
A bride and groom sharing a passionate kiss on a picturesque grassy field, captured beautifully by an experienced wedding photographer in Cannes.
A bride and groom walking down the aisle at their wedding
An outdoor wedding table adorned exclusively with greenery, perfect for capturing breathtaking snapshots
A stunning table setting adorned with elegant eucalyptus leaves and gleaming silverware, .
A picturesque table set up in a grassy field, capturing the essence of a countryside wedding in Cannes. The breathtaking backdrop of majestic mountains adds an enchanting touch to this idyllic setting
The wedding photographer in Cannes provides an overview of the decorated tables to welcome the wedding guests.
Two women in dresses posing for a picture taken by a wedding photographer in Cannes.
A trio band playing under a tree at a wedding in Cannes, captured by a photographer.
A bride and groom kissing at sunset in a garden.

For me, as a wedding photographer in Cannes, it was an honor and a pleasure to capture these moments of eternity through my lens. Delighted to have thus provided the couple with precious memories to cherish for years to come.

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Planning & Flowers: @we.are.matisse

Videography: @meryll_degordon

Photography: @florentvinphotography @lisap_photographe_mariage

Catering: @maison_nans

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